Mathematical Equation Unifying Paradoxical Laws of Physics Published by Non-Scientist in 2013

Mathematical Equation Unifying Paradoxical Laws of Physics Published in 2013

The “secret” is that the equation isn’t linear in nature. The values represent living math that’s multidimensional. Linear math is code, living math is a much more complex symbology.

And She’s Not a Scientist: Read The 5-Year Anniversary Interview

Physics’ Holy Grail . . . Scientists have long sought a simple equation that unifies the forces of nature; a single theory that describes the entire Universe.

Physicist Albert Einstein spent the last thirty years of his life until his death in 1955 in search of a mathematical formula that would unite his theory of general relativity, and the later theory of the very small, quantum mechanics.

General relativity doesn’t apply at the quantum level, hence, a seeming paradox. Subatomic particles behave strangely in ways scientists still don’t completely understand.

Light fluctuates from wave to particle. Subatomic particles lack a defined location. Yet, independently of one another, quantum mechanics and general relativity continue to remain extremely accurate.

From Einstein’s 1923 Nobel lecture, “The intellect seeking after an integrated theory cannot rest content with the assumption that there exist two distinct fields totally independent of each other by their nature.”

Says the co-founder of string theory, Michio Kaku, from an Oct. 2017 Innovation & Tech Today interview: “Our universe is rich; it is beautiful, elegant. And you can summarize most of the laws of physics on one sheet of paper. Amazing. In fact, what I do for a living is to try to get that sheet of paper and summarize it into an equation one inch long.”

The equation would have to account for the four fundamental forces of nature: gravity governed by General Relativity; and quantum field’s three forces: electromagnetism; weak and strong nuclear forces governing particles and their interaction.

How close are we to a unifying a one-inch physics formula that fails to account for multiple components in the Universe and their interconnected forces such geology, biology, chemistry? And what about the newly emerging invisible elephant in the room, consciousness?

Closer than we think. Last month marked the five-year anniversary YBFHN’s founder, Christine Horner, published her equation summarizing the Universe in her Dayton Literary Peace Prize-nominated book merging science and spirituality, What Is God? Rolling Back the Veil.

William Metcalf discusses Christine’s discovery with her, its meaning, and what’s next in the following interview. (Read on for the equation.)

WILLIAM: Happy Anniversary!

CHRISTINE: Thank you!

WILLIAM: How close are scientists to coming to your equation published in your book, What Is God?

CHRISTINE: Not close at all and very close. There’s a threshold of consciousness to be crossed before the equation appears like a road sign in front of you. The equation is not mine, nor does it belong to anyone. It’s an observation more than a discovery.

Einstein made the leap, but in the end, he kept returning to what he already understood instead of emptying out his mind to include quantum physics and beyond.

Even if Hawking* and Kaku, modern scientists I greatly admire, consciously leap, science isn’t yet prepared to accept the truth about the Universe until they prove it—though there are signs the truth is forthcoming.

WILLIAM: I’d like to talk more about that later. But first, why did you write What Is God? It’s a bit unconventional, densely packed with facts, and quite interesting content, but some of your conclusions are based on personal experience and observations rather quantifiable data.

CHRISTINE: (Laughs) I take it your proclivity is toward data. Like I mentioned, it comes from a leap in consciousness rather than a formal education. The book was really borne out of great suffering and a need for answers after my life fell apart.

Being equally left- and right brained, not only did I scream angrily at God because I was in pain, but I sought intellectual understanding of what was happening. For the benefit of your left brain, I’ll say that I use a bicameral approach with which to observe the laws of nature and where God fits in.

I consider myself self-educated in many disciplines, yet my own evolution remains open-ended. The difference between other scientists and myself is that rather than filling my brain with outdated information, I empty it out, keeping it empty as much as possible to allow for the new. I don’t remember formulas—the definition of string theory is vague—anything requiring memory is promptly forgotten. Empty, empty, happy, happy.

Emptiness is the space where you connect with Universal Intelligence. I call it the Universal Library. All of us have the ability to tap into Universal Consciousness.

WILLIAM: Okay, so . . . Do you remember there’s quite a reveal in the book about God, too?

CHRISTINE: (Snorts) Yep. That’s the cool thing. All information coming from higher states of consciousness doesn’t need memorization. Our education system is totally backward of how it will be in the future. Universal intelligence is easily accessed by posing a question and waiting for the answer to reveal itself.

WILLIAM: Why do you think the likes of Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson—whomever readers’ favorites are—are not proclaiming that God is not an outside intelligence, but is Creation itself from the mountain tops? Wouldn’t it change everything?

“We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.” — Galileo Galilei

CHRISTINE: I can’t speculate other than it diametrically opposes current culture and conditioning—and the infrastructure of nearly every societal institution. It’s too radical. It must be pointed to so those with ears to hear come to the realization via an expansion of consciousness.

Not until humanity hits critical mass in its evolution from separation to unity consciousness, will light bulbs begin to go on for society as a whole. That time is now. Apple carts are being upset everywhere you look as we reexamine self-inflicted pain and suffering arising out of the limiting beliefs of separation consciousness. Longing for freedom, we are waking up to the realization there is a better path.

Pain and suffering are what drove me toward deeper understanding. I’m impatient for everyone to have their aha moment. I’m like a child that wants to pull everyone into the garden to play. Except most people are still saying, “What garden? I don’t see the garden.” We are literally standing in the middle of Heaven on Earth.

WILLIAM: Or maybe you’re wrong?

CHRISTINE: Thank you for being the skeptic on behalf of readers everywhere. (Eye roll) But, there’s no going back. I can’t un-see what I see even if I try. Heaven on Earth, baby. Heaven on Earth.

WILLIAM: Well, I’d love to continue, but let’s get into what readers came here for. Since you’re so blunt, why don’t you just blurt it out.

CHRISTINE: As you wish. (Wink) “Elegant in its simplicity,” no?

± 1 = 0

WILLIAM: If I hadn’t read your book, I’d say, “You’re joking, right?” It qualifies as an equation, and it’s less than an inch long, but . . . no variables, brackets, exponents. How can it unite every apparent paradox displayed within the Universe—relativity and quantum mechanics?

CHRISTINE: Variables representing someone’s thesis would disqualify it as complex rather than simple. The “secret” is that the equation isn’t linear in nature. The values represent living math that’s multidimensional.

WILLIAM: Like the difference between code and symbology mentioned in Dan Brown’s new book, Origin.

CHRISTINE: Sure. Linear math is code, living math is a much more complex symbology, if you like. Let’s break it down.

± 1 = 0

1 represents all Creation, seen and unseen, as the cosmic ONE within the framework of relativity. 1 is relative existence that’s always changing form.

-1 is entropy. What science has called disorder or chaos is really the self-organizing disbursal of energy as it changes form. It appears chaotic when observed from a limited point of view. Notice how 1 + -1 is on the left. The left half of our brain processes our linear world.

As God is Creation itself, Creation is perpetually making love. The addition sign is the “marriage” or union of 1 + -1. The positive and negative values are the seemingly dichotomous creative forces in play that are still the ONE creative power.

On the right side of the equation—the right half of the brain processing our non-linear world—zero is the Absolute, or zero point. God is often referred to as the unchanging Absolute.

This is important. The equals sign literally means the left is the same as the right; the right the same as the left. Though they look differently, they are equal and interconnected. The appearance of multiplicity is the multidimensional nature of Creation as the ONE.

Creation eternally births the relative out of the absolute, returning it to the absolute within the illusion of time and space. Since time and space are an illusion, all exist in eternal, self-perpetuating NOW.

The above equation is the mathematical equivalent of the infinity or yin yang symbol. For more fun, the 2D infinity symbol represents a toroidal energy field in the third dimension—

I could go on but really, that’s as much as any human brain can process at this time. You can break it down further into parts to feed the mind. But, I’d rather stay empty and feel the magic. Bliss.

WILLIAM: Wow, I feel the orgasmic energy from here. You didn’t go into that explanation in What Is God?.

CHRISTINE: Yeah, I don’t think I fully understood it then. It will be in my next book, Humanity 2.0: The Power of Unity Consciousness. The world is opening up, so perhaps it was by “design” it wasn’t included earlier—I’m opening up.

WILLIAM: Perfect. My next question is by design. Have you read Origin?

CHRISTINE: (Smiles) Sure have. I wrote an article on the bio-physicist (Jeremy England) mentioned in the novel. His work lends support to my conclusions about my equation and God. But Brown hasn’t made the leap—another article.

BTW, I met Dr. Michio Kaku and gave him a signed copy of my book as he was signing a copy of his book, The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind

WILLIAM: Cool! Why do you suppose Brown, great physicists like Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku—and I want to bring up atheist, Richard Dawkins—are still missing the mark when it comes to science and God—despite great work?

CHRISTINE: It’s all about the transition from separation to unity consciousness. Science and God are left- and right-brained pursuits of the same ONE. Merge them and . . . They’ll see it all soon enough.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

*Dr. Stephen Hawking transitioned on March 14, 2018. The veil removed, we know he’s wearing a big smile on his face.

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February 21, 2018
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