Trickle-Down for 1%; Trickle-Up Economy Roadmap to Personal Prosperity by Christine Horner

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Trickle-Down for 1%; Trickle-Up Economy Roadmap to Personal Prosperity

Your prosperity life-hack and the key to self-mastery are to know that all change is an inside job. Your external world is a byproduct of your internal world—not the other way around.

“A second American Revolution for hope and opportunity.”

This was the slogan used to unveil a plan to end a recession, reign in runaway inflation and unemployment, and spur a stagnant economy. Years later, President Ronald Reagan would be lauded by some as the greatest president of the 20th century.

If you haven’t figured Reaganomics out, it’s going to be a bit of a shocker for you.

Are you ready?

Sold via good ‘ole boy bait-and-switch, trickle-down economics was and is a cleverly disguised wealth redistribution plan, the working class the engine of prosperity for the 1%.

Though there isn’t time to delve into a full economics course, let’s connect enough dots to inspire you to put yourself back on the road to personal prosperity.


Trickle-down economics is the theory that increasing riches for the wealthiest will trickle-down to the rest of us; i.e., cutting taxes stimulates economic growth, driving business to invest in operations and hire more workers.

But, how much does it really? Let’s investigate.

It’s no secret CEOs are contractually bound to shareholder primacy instead of a healthy balance between shareholders, people, and our planet. Predatory capitalism has made multinational corporate profits so strong, the stock market is being driven up to new heights.

Yet, because of the globalization of the labor force, worker wages continue to stagnate while corporations work harder than ever to evade paying an estimated $70 billion in tax revenue via offshore entities.


It’s true, things were good for a while. Beginning in the 1980s, American families experienced an unprecedented boom in personal wealth. McMansions and minivans were produced en masse to meet the demand.

But burgeoning prosperity was due to many factors external to tax cuts.

We were on the cusp of a new technological age; the government expanded military spending and arms sales to anyone and everyone. The biggie—worker unions had fought for many generations to earn a decent living with solid benefits—and finally won.

So, what happened?

Reagan’s tax cuts were followed by eleven tax increases to ease a swelling deficit that canceled out any temporary gains. International trade agreements, and the dismantling of worker unions and protections happened.

Add deregulation which led to boom/bust cycles that generated even more windfall profits for the 1%, and viola—America’s new “casino” economy came on the scene.

Self-serving lawmakers have just engineered another windfall Part Deux despite a 2015 International Monetary Fund supply-side economics study: “We find that increasing the income share of the poor and the middle class actually increases growth while a rising income share of the top 20 percent results in lower growth — that is, when the rich get richer, benefits do not trickle down.”

In other words, capital put in the hands of you and I is immediately recirculated, servicing unmet needs and invigorating impoverished to modest lifestyles.

Capital kept in circulation creates trickle-up.

Capital taken out of circulation for stock buybacks, executive compensation, shareholder dividends, and the purchase of fixed assets such as land, buildings, and equipment are long-term investments not likely to be quickly converted to cash.

The middle class may see some modest bumps in salary/hiring and slight income tax reductions, but they will be quickly taken right back out of your pocket as the deficit begins its projected rise.

After delivering a crucial vote, Sen. (R-Fla.) Marc Rubio admitted the tax bill, “. . . isn’t going to create dramatic economic growth.”

Berkeley professor and former Sec. of Labor, Robert Reich, says to expect to see further cuts in social safety nets such as Medicaid and Medicare, Pell Grants, Housing Assistance, and cancer research along with backdoor tax increases through the elimination of deductions.


But, don’t waste a single second more becoming disillusioned. You don’t have to wait until the next election cycle to vote out the plutocracy.

Despite what’s going on in the world, you only need to change you.

Vote with your feet. Walk away from the trickle-down rat race for the new trickle-up economy that offers everyone a level playing field, putting you in the driver seat of prosperity.

Saying yes to prosperity requires you take first responsibility for your life. You then establish foundational mutual-benefit thinking and right actions.

It’s okay if you don’t know what to do. Let’s view/click the infographic below for a quick trickle-up economy overview.

The New Trickle-Up Economy Infographic

(For a deeper understanding of how cooperative trickle-up economy business models self-generate limitless micro-economies rather than competitive capitalism which produces a loser for every winner, click here.)


Your prosperity life-hack and the key to self-mastery are to know that all change is first an inside job. Your external world is a byproduct of your internal world—not the other way around. (We will explore this concept in depth in a later article.)

This is your Personal Prosperity Revolution for hope and opportunity NOW.

Let this truth sink in. Phrased another way—a limitless multidimensional being, your prosperity comes from within you.

You may suddenly open your eyes to the realization that limited thinking has unwittingly been an accomplice in supporting the very systems that have kept you locked in a state of servitude.

Accept it as ignorance, forgive yourself, and then take another step forward.

Your new higher consciousness can now manifest as positive action.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ~ Napoleon Hill

After making the internal shift to the awareness your internal world creates your external world, review how you are conducting your daily life.

Most people fall into the trap of believing you are stuck with what you get. What shows up is directly connected to your level of consciousness—like attracts like.

Take responsibility for your level of consciousness and then ask to be shown how to become unstuck. Wait for it . . . Hidden throughout your external world are clues or tools to help you up your game. Use them.

For example, in the movie Prosperity, founder, Dr. Pedram Shojai, does the heavy lifting, showing the world how simple individual choices affect your prosperity. The four cornerstones of prosperity are how you: BANK, INVEST, SPEND, and WORK



The businesses featured in the movie are just a handful of examples of unity consciousness in action. Refer to the Trickle-Up Economy business models infographic again for more examples if needed.

Knowing there are many people creatively working in sustainable service of people and the planet versus profit at all costs, will motivate you to reassess your path.

The What Would Love Do Foundation calls a thriving trickle-up economy a floor and not a ceiling. When we come together to collaborate, we allow for limitless personal micro-economies, the cost to the individual is small, the rewards potentially exponential.

We generate a sustainable trickle-up economy together by joining the prosperity movement as a grassroots community. Never alone, you become the exemplary awakened leader who walks the talk as you’ve always wanted to be but didn’t know how.

See just how powerful your choices are and how they impact not only your life, but are currently impacting the planet.

  • Are you banking with non-profit credit unions and investment firms that put your conscious and the planet first, returning profits to its depositors via lower fees and higher rates of return?
  • Are you investing your time, money, and energy in self/higher education and consciousness? If you have a portfolio, are you investing in sustainable and ethical businesses?
  • Is your spending supporting your local community?
  • Are you working for a for-benefit business that cares about its employees and the planet as much as profit, giving you a vote in how things are done?

Your choices, starting today, have the power to alter the course of your life from being a worker bee in a slave society to complete freedom.

Does this sound exciting to you?


Your brilliant future is here now by going within to investigate all the self-limiting assumptions you’ve made about yourself and the world until now. Not only do you now realize you do have exciting choices to make—you are limitless!

You are your own trickle-up economy—own it.

Take responsibility, consciously interfacing with what’s already available within and without as part of the prosperous new you

This is Humanity 2.0.


Make sure you’re transitioning to Humanity 2.0 with the free guide: Humanity 2.0: Activating Your XFactor. Realize inner and outer freedom and finally master your life.

Click here to get the guide right now. (Be spontaneous!)

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Christine Horner

December 26, 2017

#trickleupeconomy #prosperityforall


Creating a Trickle-Up Economy by the What Would Love Do Foundation


The New Trickle-Up Economy Infographic by Christine Horner

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