The Miracle When We Lay Day Our Weapons by Christine Horner

A New Earth When We Lay Down Our Weapons

Safety and self protection arise naturally out of higher consciousness manifesting as super-intelligence when sustainability becomes the measure by which to analyze a problem.
I quickly surveyed the parking lot one last time. A peek under and around the car; next, the backseat, and I was satisfied. Nothing bad was going to happen to me like before under my watchful eye.

And thus begins my gun story that in so many ways resembles America’s gun story. A love story of sorts, it’s also a story of consciousness.

A routine hot, end-of-summer day at my credit union in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a blur caught my peripheral vision as it flew by my desk where I sat working near the front entrance.

Lots of cursing and shouting from behind bandana-covered faces, the waving of guns, and I finally realized we were under siege by five gunmen.

I was quickly ordered to stand with my hands in the air. The panic button under my desk that would alert police would go unused.

What transpired in the moments leading up to hands held high, my eight-months-pregnant belly leading the way, and what followed may make you think differently about guns and life in general.

It’s not like what you think—any of it.

Before we can move forward as a society, we must look at our collective gun story and our own lives to understand what’s happening and where we go from here.


In America’s collective conscious memory, gun ownership equates to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Reasonable expectations turned into a Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment after brave and forward-thinking individuals chose to free themselves from tyranny and oppression.

It was gumption and guns that thwarted English and French invaders. Guns even settled a dispute between prominent politicians, Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton.

Passed down generationally, guns put food on the table. At least one gun sat next to every kitchen fireplace hearth, serving as protection as we settled further out west into territory that didn’t belong to us.

Guns were the physical how behind the why of the rise of modern America as we fought our way from one war to the next. The simplistic weapon—and logic—later rid foreign lands (along with bombs) of their occupiers during two World Wars.

After the horror of world wars, then Korea, and Vietnam, except for avid gun enthusiasts, many guns quietly went into closets. They had served their purpose—and at great costs—before we had to get them back out again.

The cycle of violence is literally endless as are the reasons for continuing the insanity.


Always in our subconscious minds is the memory of where we came from such a short time ago. My story is no different.

In my credit union, I stood expressionless until commanded to lay on my stomach as two other gunmen jumped on counter tops to demand their bags filled.

But, before I did, I had the most wonderful out-of-body experience while I was still in it. Fear left me. I clearly saw the bigger picture of what was happening—all of it out of my control.

It’s not like in the movies.

I’d had training just two weeks earlier with the Albuquerque Police Department. Only one little tidbit remained with me at that moment: “When you’re looking down the barrel of a gun, all you’re going to see is the gun. Take your eyes off the gun and try to get a description of the perp.”

Okay, but there are five of them. I’m going to get it all jumbled up—and we did.

First, when something goes “down,” you don’t go into action hero mode. You go into shock. Shock pretty much makes you freeze until you have enough wits about you to make sense of your new reality.

But, more importantly, I instantly saw that the event that was happening was part of a much larger collective energy field I had zero control over. (Too much to get into here.)

The most amazing realization?

I saw that no matter what happened, I wasn’t going to die of a gunshot wound. It would be death itself that took me. The gun and the gunman act as death’s agent within the unified field.

This will be hard for you to accept strictly from my word until you personally share a similar experience. It isn’t cancer, guns, accidents, etc. that kill you, it’s death.

However, no death is recorded in vain. Each transition is used to propel those aware of it to a higher state of consciousness.

It was my brother Matthew’s death in a motorcycle accident a year later that drove me to explore life and death. Hardly a scratch on his body, death took him that day. Nothing could have prevented it.

It’s an illusion of space and time that makes life appear as if it operates from cause/effect. I realized life and death itself are an illusion of time and space. There is only eternal life.


A year after the credit union robbery, I finally understood I was suffering from PTSD.

I had been so caught off guard and shocked by the ordeal, I was like a police officer, incessantly scanning my surroundings for any sign of impending foul play so I could be ready.

America’s wounds are also fresh, made raw every time there is a mass shooting. As distrust in government to serve the best interests of the people increases to new highs, nobody is giving up their guns.

Still, we are divided on how to solve our gun problems. Besides being in the pocket of gun manufacturers, elected officials feel it’s political suicide to take a stand on the divisive issue.

And so, the children take to the streets to demand protection from the mess created by grown-ups. What exactly is the mess?

You cannot solve a problem with the same energy that created it.

The NRA and gun manufacturers are happy to exploit the conundrum while we sit around and watch and see what the children will do next—because we don’t know what to do next.


That day in the parking lot, I saw I had to lay down my weapon or carry it around with me forever. Though I didn’t carry around a gun; my weapon was fear.

Exhausted, I decided I couldn’t keep living my life preparing for the next crime to be committed.

Aren’t guns the symptom to the bigger cause of fear as a level of consciousness?

Like guns are a primitive form of self-protectionism, there are more evolved ways to secure physical freedom and to deal with fear.

Brain science research has shown when we enter a state of fear, our brain’s resources shift from the prefrontal cortex—our executive decision making center—to our emotional brain center shaving off I.Q points like a snow cone in summer.

As with the founders of this country who chose to take responsibility for their lives and be forward-thinking (in idealism), each one of us must take responsibility for our lives and be forward-thinking—meaning we must evolve and do better than the generations before us.

If you don’t evolve, the same energy you thought brought your freedom becomes another form of tyranny.

Doesn’t the NRA have undue influence over our elected officials? Aren’t mass shootings generating more of the same—more fear, and more guns? How is each one of us responsible for allowing America to arrive in such desperation?

Guns as a cure only target symptoms. We must arm ourselves with intelligence to resolve the problems plaguing this country.

Until each one of us awakens to the truth that guns will not solve any problem or create the world we wish to live in, America must grow up and minimally take responsibility for the negative social benefits of living within a gun society.


Taking responsibility is the first step leading to a higher consciousness that will yield higher intelligence.

Change requires an inactive body of peoples to take action. Start by picking the low-hanging fruit, demanding the banning of bump stocks, semi-automatic, and assault weapons.

Are you financially supporting the NRA?

Then, let’s support a new non-profit licensing agency, requiring owners to purchase umbrella liability policies for their guns. Fees go toward improved universal background checks, mandatory training, damage awards, and mental health and public awareness programs.

The argument has been that requiring gun licenses deters legal gun ownership. Everything is hard at first. Getting illegal guns off the street will be a process and take time.

It’s a beginning until the human species moves beyond separation consciousness’ ignorance, fear, and personal selfishness.

Investigate using morality’s universal super-value, sustainability, as your guiding light to ask yourself if guns are the proper solution.

Safety and self protection arise naturally out of higher consciousness manifesting as super-intelligence when sustainability becomes the measure by which to analyze and prevent a problem before it occurs.

Your brilliant moment is here now when you join an evolved society, seeing gun ownership for what it is–an illusion of safety–and no longer necessary.

I gave up fear and found freedom.

It’s a beautiful world that values all human life equally as a miraculous gift. This is unity consciousness.

It’s love that gives life and its freedoms, not fear.

Be the love that you are by being the change you wish to see.

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Christine Horner

March 11, 2018
#iamfree #ilayeddownmyweapon

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