Self-Healing 1.0: Learn Your Chakra Energy Centers by Christine Horner

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Self-Healing 1.0: Get to Know Your Chakra Energy Centers

Understanding all of life is creative energy is the very foundation of personal mastery and self-healing.

[SERIES] Are you struggling in life? Do you have chronic unresolved “issues?” Health problems, money problems, job problems, people problems.

Everything, including you, is energy.

If you thought, “Yeah, I know,” and shrugged your shoulders, you’re in for enlightenment if you so choose.

Here is today’s aha moment: The external manifestation of personal problems is the result of your energy field being out of balance.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” — Nikola Tesla

It may be your habit to blame others, suppress or over-express your emotions, seek endless therapy, self-medicate (via your therapist or illegally), shutdown, self-destruct—rather than go within and take responsibility for cleaning up your energy field.

It’s not just you. It’s all of us.


We learned the power contained in positive and negative thinking and the Law of Attraction but were given incorrect information on what to do with it.

We’ve struggled in vain to control and change external circumstances without understanding it all begins within our personal energy field, or chakras.

According to medical doctor and author, Deepak Chopra, your body contains biofields within every cell of your body with magnetic fields that are constantly transmitting.

Simplifying, the sum total of your biofields is your aura. We each emit a unique energy signature that is us. Your aura is responsible for your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Health is not just the health of your physical body. Your whole-istic well-being affects the health of those you directly interact with, trickling out to your community.

More succinctly, your energy field is your level of overall consciousness. As consciousness is universally interconnected, it’s possible to access higher states of consciousness—or fields of energy to—heal your emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual body.


Humanity is just awakening to our metaphysical world. Until now, it’s been all muscle and force to survive—the hard way.

If we couldn’t see it, feel it, manipulate it, it was a mystery for the gods to manage.

Yet, history shows individual masters and mystery schools dating back thousands of years quietly taught eager students how to work with life energy through practices such as qigong, acupuncture, and alchemy (consciously shifting between the physical and non-physical world).

From Deepak Chopra’s article on Biofield Science, “While the term “biofield” itself is fairly new (coined in 1992 at a National Institutes of Health meeting), the importance and roles of consciousness, energy and information to create and guide health have been central topics of millennia-old ‘whole systems’ of care that include Chinese, Tibetan, Native American, African, and Ayurvedic medicine.”

Because understanding all of life is creative energy is the very foundation of personal mastery, you’re going to receive your brilliant future here now moment now instead of at the end of this article.

Your brilliant future is here now when you consciously take personal responsibility for maintaining your energy centers (chakras), unleashing your limitless potential.

You may be unknowingly practicing energetic practices that help to maintain your chakras:

  • Getting extra sleep as needed
  • Sexual intimacy
  • Spending time in nature
  • Physical exercise; especially yoga
  • Meditation and prayer
  • Practicing non-judgment or unconditional love


You may be acquainted with the seven-chakra system. After seven, the chakras become levels of cosmic mastery in connection with Earth’s energy field and beyond.

Remember that chakras are layers within levels of consciousness. The use of the word cosmic roughly refers to a level of consciousness that expands out into the Universe, rather than just on the local egoic “me” level.

Thus, you may have noticed most of humanity is still struggling to move beyond basic survivalism which is why you are having a hard time.

[BONUS FYI: Another name for levels of consciousness is dimensions. Extending into infinity, consciousness embodies intelligence. As humanity is still enmeshed with the third dimension of life, it should give you an idea of our low level of consciousness on the evolutionary scale—and that intelligent beings would exist in other dimensions.]Note: Diagrams like the one below will show the chakras ascending vertically. As dimensions are nested within each other like Russian dolls, vertical is actually a widening spiral like a tornado.


#1 – Root Chakra

Location: Base of the spine/genitals (also affects the legs, knees, and feet)
Color: Red
Function: Survival
Blocked by: Fear

Some of the common feelings and signs of an imbalanced Root Chakra:

  • Feeling ungrounded or unsettled, lower back pain, tired, overwhelmed by fear, feeling unsupported in life, living in the past, lack of direction, aggressive behavior, recklessness, and carelessness, shame and guilt

#2 – Sacral Chakra

Location: Below naval/reproductive area (sometimes affects the hips)
Color: Orange
Function: Pleasure
Blocked by: Guilt

Some of the common feelings and signs of an imbalanced Sacral Chakra:

  • Unable to “go with the flow,” feeling unworthy/worthless; not good enough/not enough, hormone imbalance, mood swings, cold and distant behavior; extreme detachment from others, lack of focus on what one wants in life, lack of desire; apathy, lack of creativity, sexual repression or overly sexual, overly needy; clingy, lack of confidence in relationships

#3 – Solar Plexus Chakra

Location: Above naval/below ribs (also affects the whole stomach area)
Color: Yellow
Function: Willpower
Blocked by: Shame

Some of the common symptoms/signs of an imbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra:

  • Low self-esteem, lack of personal power/strength, inability to set or maintain boundaries, co-dependency, lack of self-control, depression or anxiety, addiction, stomach issues, difficulty gaining or losing weight

#4 – Heart Chakra

Location: Center of the chest (effects breast area and arms as well)
Color: Green or Pink
Function: Love
Blocked by: Grief

Some of the common feelings and signs of an imbalanced Heart Chakra:

  • Childhood trauma, grief, sadness, loss, over-loving to the point of suffocation, jealousy, abandonment, anger, bitterness

#5 – Throat Chakra

Location: Center of the throat (also affects the face, jaw, teeth & neck)
Color: Blue
Function: Truth
Blocked by: Lies

Some of the common feelings/signs of an imbalanced Throat Chakra:

  • Fear of speaking or not speaking up for yourself, inability to express or be in your authentic self, inability to express thoughts, shyness, inconsistency in speech and actions, social anxiety, stubbornness, detachment

#6 – Third Eye Chakra

Location: Center of eyebrows (effects upper and around the head as well)
Color: Violet or Indigo
Function: Insight
Blocked by: Illusion

Some of the common feelings and signs of an imbalanced Third Eye Chakra:

  • Over-thinking, volatility, issues with self-reflection, an inability to look at one’s fears, inability to have an open mind, day-dream often and live in a world with exaggerated imagination, lack of connection to intuitive knowing

#7 – Crown Chakra

Location: Top of the head
Color: White
Function: Cosmic Energy
Blocked by: Ego Attachment

Some of the common symptoms/signs of a blocked and an imbalanced Crown Chakra:

  • Lack of spiritual & divine connection, sleep disturbances or nightmares, depression, hallucinations, memory disorders, over-intellectualization, neglecting physical needs, over-imaginative, mental confusion, bored, disconnection from earthly matters, frustration

8th Chakra – Time Transcendence; Connection to Spirit
9th Chakra – Seat of the Soul
10th Chakra – Earth Connection
11th Chakra – Mind Over Matter
12th Chakra – Universal Unity

Don’t be surprised if you see some blockages in nearly every one of your chakras. You may also see aspects of enlightenment in yourself in the higher chakras but think you are not even close to mastery. You taste mastery every single day if you watch for it.

[BONUS FYI: You exist multidimensionally, your awareness expanding and contracting at any given moment. Chakras 1-7 are third-dimensional awareness. The 13th chakra is your light body activation or Merkaba. Chakras 8-15 are fourth-dimensional awareness. Chakras 16-22 are fifth-dimensional consciousness. It continues from there.]


It’s within your power to bring conscious energy to a problem, so the energy acts as a healing light that resolves the energy blockage.

You are not “doing” the actual healing. Don’t worry you aren’t worthy, smart, or positive enough. You are merely the conduit for the healing energy when you open yourself to allow. The act of consciously opening to receive the energy is the healing itself acting under its own power.

The story behind the energy blockage is not important. That’s why psychotherapy does little to resolve emotional and mental issues and goes on to require drugs. Therapy teaches us how to cope with an out of balance energy field, treating symptoms rather than the problem.

Biofield Science and Energy Medicine are your brilliant future starting now. A holistic treatment modality for mind, body, and spirit, self-healing is not meant to replace Western medicine immediately, though it eventually will.

Maintaining and healing your energy field is not difficult or “work.” Review the energetic practices listed above. It’s easy and joyful just like life was meant to be!

Over the course of this series, you’ll be introduced to self-healing techniques that not only will greatly impact you, and the planet, but the entire Universe. All is interconnected as the ONE.


If you’re suffering from depression, feelings of apathy may discourage you from learning more. Know that the feelings are generating out of an energy field in need of maintenance. Your feelings are not you. You are so much more!

Stay focused on the light of your being.

Rest when you need to.

Open yourself to the healing power already contained within you.

Sources:  Deepak Chopra

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Christine Horner

March 20, 2018

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