Reality Bending is Officially Science; Your Brain is Hallucinating Your Life by Christine Horner

Reality Bending is Officially Science; Your Brain is Hallucinating Your Life

Reality Bending—the conscious awareness that your hallucination is alterable—is officially science and the most self-empowering advancement in human evolution to date.

“Right now, billions of neurons in your brain are working together to generate a conscious experience.” ~ Anil Seth, Neuroscientist, University of Sussex

Are you consciously living your life?

If so, you’re living your best life.


You feel great. Life is good regardless of changing circumstances or what’s happening in the world.

If you’re living on auto-pilot or “default” . . .

Maybe you’re not so happy right now and haven’t been for a long time.

The world and everything in it seems hopeless—you feel hopeless.

Congratulations, you’ve picked door #2. Yes, even “default” is a choice. An unconscious one.

That’s a problem. Or is it?

Stress over it or  . . . You can let go of the past and move forward from here.

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” ~ C.S. Lewis

What if you could have a do-over and live of life of celebration and relaxed enjoyment?

What if just by being you, you change the world?

Here’s why living life consciously matters:

  • A young woman, shot in the head by the Taliban for going to school, later advocates for women’s rights, winning a Nobel Peace Prize. Her name is Malala Yousafzai.
  • Authoritarians around the world continue to convince unconscious masses to blindly surrender their rights, allowing unimaginable realities that perpetuate pain and suffering.
  • A student diagnosed with ALS lives to be seventy-six and one of the most celebrated scientists in history. Yes, Stephen Hawking.

Two of these are examples of how living a conscious life allowed these people to overcome extreme adversity to go on and live their best life.

I bet your life hasn’t been this tough. Or maybe it has.

The question is: Are you letting it stop you or slow you down?

When you live at your potential, it ripples through to everything and everyone you touch.

Feeling empowered, notice how you suddenly want others to have the same opportunity because you know it’s your birthright just like it’s Malala’s and was Stephen’s birthright.

But, what happens if you stop evolving and growing?

When you feel helpless?

When you give up on yourself?


What you’re about to learn just might change everything for you.

For starters, we use our raw sensory experiences to make sense of and even construct our world.

But, have you noticed something funny?

Two people may witness or share the same experience, but later provide two very different accounts of what happened.

Researchers at the International School for Advanced Studies recently studied the brain of lab rats, discovering the posterior parietal cortex (PPC) facilitates the merging of sensory data.

Sight, hearing, feeling, taste, and smell united to allow the lab animals to form a mental picture that could then be cataloged and filed away as memory in such a way that only a single sense was required to trigger recognition.

In a second study published in the journal Nature, key was how experience becomes subjective. Researchers were able to locate a neural circuit in the PPC using sound as a stimulant for testing that would lead lab rats to slide in higher favor of the sound that was expected.

In other words, expectations or personal perception based on past experience tainted memory to create a different outcome.

In human terms, think of eating a bag of Skittles candy. As you eat one at a time, turning over the brightly colored pieces in your hand, you can actually taste them—lime, grape, cherry, lemon—practically before they go into your mouth.

But, try this little experiment. Shut your eyes, popping one in your mouth at a time, and try to name the flavor you’re eating. Good luck after the first one!

Can you see how consciousness and your brain work in tandem with external stimuli to co-create an incorporated outcome?

In other words, no reality is random. All realities are unique. Your level of awareness and subsequent response directly combine with external energy to change its form.

Scientists were struck by this realization when it was first witnessed an atom exists in wavelike form in more than one location until collapsing into a particle upon human observation.


Science is just beginning to understand that reality is an ongoing collaboration of energetic forces just as its newly discovered everything in the Universe is interconnected and interdependent.

You experience a unique version of reality because you are internally intermingling with external consciousness every moment of the day as is each one of us.

All of life is life-ing or continuously co-creating—including you. Are you conscious of this?

Subjective consciousness means reality is swayed (co-created) via personal perception—what Dr. Anil Seth calls a “controlled hallucination.”

(Seth missed the big picture boat by not realizing hallucination is co-creation still in waveform.)

Calling dimensions levels of consciousness, the book What Is God? Rolling Back the Veil says: “All of Creation is making love through its own annihilation—birth and death joined together—the ONE.”

Need proof?

As you read this article, your thoughts and ideas are now integrating with my thoughts and ideas to form new thoughts and ideas.

Your new thoughts and ideas are waveforms until collapsed into particles with further action on your part. Or you can disregard this article, non-action allowing the wave of energy to dissipate.

For more scientific proof, enjoy the following Ted Talk that may leave you questioning the very nature of your existence.

“We’re all hallucinating all the time when we agree about our hallucinations, we call it ‘reality.’” Anil Seth



If your life is one great controlled hallucination of pure consciousness, “Wow!”

Or did you say, “Woe!”

Woe, yes, it is a responsibility.

And, wow! What an opportunity!


  1. Your response to internal/external consciousness alters it.
  2. You generate new consciousness every moment of every day.
  3. You are now a conscious co-creator of reality, so why not love and be love!

Reality Bending (RB)—the conscious awareness that your hallucination is alterable—is officially science and the most self-empowering advancement in human evolution to date.

It’s separation consciousness’ old Law of Attraction (LOA) on steroids and in proper context within unity consciousness.

Let’s compare the old LOA to the new RB:

LOA (Old): Negative thoughts and feeling are avoided, affirming only the positive.

RB (New): Positive and negative energy are recognized as equally beneficial tools.

LOA (Old): Exerting my will, I take what I can get out of the world for personal gain.

RB (New): My life the gift, I work with what arises to be my best self so that what I give to world uplifts my life and all of humanity.

Your brilliant future is here now when you consciously let go of the past and begin anew in this moment to enjoy the beautiful life you’ve been given—your do-over!

The past is literally healed in the present moment by dropping habitual patterns of behavior for something new, collapsing the energy pattern. Too big for science to grasp quite yet.

Also helpful is practicing Ho’oponopono:


Masters, saints, and sages have proclaimed it’s all an illusion or hallucination of consciousness for millennia, so use this truth to find the joy in the gift you’ve been given by being the joy.

  • Process all emotions. Fearlessly experience the full spectrum of your thoughts and emotions. Expose them to the light of consciousness while sitting in stillness. See how they are looping energy patterns. The very act of observation from a state of neutrality (non-judgment) dissipates the energy. Here is a helpful article with infographic.
  • Open your heart even wider by practicing non-judgment. Judgment doesn’t get others to change their behavior; leading by example does. Notice how you set yourself free when you realize everyone is expressing unique personal perceptions as part of Creation’s definition of infinite expression. Let others see you shine your little light.
  • Accept what arises. You’ve been trained to live in a results-economy. Let it go. Work with what arises as the shortest and easiest path to fulfilling your life’s purpose. Everything interconnected, the Universe is already collaborating with you to co-create what will propel you into your next best moment of now. Don’t fight “what is” because it doesn’t match how you think your life should be.
  • Make love in every moment. Take responsibility for living consciously. Notice there are no choices to be made when living in love. Always choose love, and you will always know what to do. If you don’t know what to do, then there is nothing to do until something arises—known as collaborative non-doing doing.

This is your new life of celebratory ease and flow.

Welcome to your new best life!

Welcome to Humanity 2.0!

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Christine Horner

April 10, 2018
#realitybender #humanitytwopointzero

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