Your Brilliant Future
Here Now

Human evolution is undergoing a shift so profound;
the proof can be seen with the naked eye.

This shift is causing millennia-old beliefs, social structures, and
institutions to be scrutinized like never before—perhaps
for the very first time.

Those who remain mired in separation consciousness
will continue to struggle.

For ones awakening in Unity Consciousness, peace, harmony,
and prosperity are yours amidst the chaos.

There are entire nations now living cooperatively, sustainably, and
peacefully, evolving far ahead of nations still locked in
self-limiting competition paradigms.

Are you awakening?

Your future lies within the answer to that question NOW.

Where are you in your evolution?

What will this mean for our social systems,
science, religion, technology?

Your Brilliant Future
Here Now

Humanity 2.0: Your Brilliant Life

Your Brilliant Future Here Now covers the transformation from separation to unity consciousness that is reshaping humanity’s future NOW. Our mission is to empower and support readers individually and collectively on the journey toward maximizing human potential not only for you and me but for the planet and the entirety of our universe.

  • Consciously merging mind, body, and spirit you become limitless.
  • Struggle and suffering diminish as you find peace within.
  • Bigger than your body, you live multidimensionally.
  • You recognize the Universe is supporting you in every moment.
  • Thoughts, emotions and the physical body are all seen as co-creative tools.
  • You harmonize with the flow of life actively participating in co-creation.
  • Sustainability the universal guiding principle, you serve the highest good all.
  • Life is seen as a miraculous gift and that you ARE the gift.
Christine Horner

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Your mission is self-empowerment through the discovery of the miraculous within utilizing your gifts to create the life and the world you know is possible NOW.

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