Activate Your XFactor: Mastering Your Life by Christine Horner

Activate Your XFactor: Mastering Your Life (Series 3 of 3)

You have the ability to tap into Universal Consciousness at will. You will be astounded to see what humans have called “mystery” was simply ignorance or darkness waiting to be revealed through the light of your conscious being-ness.

Would you like the trade confusion and turmoil in your life for an abundant life rich with purpose and meaning?

In Parts 1 and 2 you learned that you are part of a new generation of newly awakening souls containing far more power over your life than you were led to believe. Your infinite potential unleashed, failure is an illusion.

In perfect union with all Creation, you have the ability to tap into Universal Consciousness at will. You will be astounded to see what humans have called “mystery” was simply ignorance or darkness waiting to be revealed through the light of your conscious being-ness.

All wisdom now emanates from within you, rather than externally, though truth is easily observable in nature.

“You become freedom itself as a fully-fledged sovereign being when you integrate science, nature, and spirituality a.k.a. mind, body, and spirit!”~ TWEET THIS

 You have fully activated your XFactor to become a master when you:

#8 – Practice unconditional love.

Did you know neutrality is the doorway to unconditional love—the ultimate power behind the Universe? Unconditional love is the crucible of change and the realm of the miraculous that even trumps the Laws of Physics. The word compassion may resonate with you more as most people have never experienced unconditional love. If you have, you know it. (Hint: More weeping and the inability to move.)

Masters and the enlightened intrinsically understand all of Creation—fueled by love—is in service to the highest good—sustainability.

Yes, even fear-based lower consciousness behavior is imbued with purpose—seeking that which it believes it’s separate from—love. Yet, we are afraid to trust this. Instead, we are taught to hold back our natural state as unconditional love, scrap with one another competitively, and struggle for survival. Crazy, huh?

Activate Your XFactor: Want to open the miraculous in your life? Trust love. Take baby steps by greeting a new person each day even if with just a smile. You never know who you might meet because you’ve been tapping into Universal Consciousness through mindfulness. That’s 365 unmissed opportunities. I hope you’re smiling because you’re getting the big picture now…

#9 – Exchange self-service to the service of humankind.

Would we be shocked to hear you say, “I hate my job!”? Hardly. Most people have caught on that our economic system is designed to enrich a few while compensating you as little as possible.

Economics aside, most human activity is of little practical value, designed to feed the consumer products/services we don’t need by first making us feel inadequate for not having them in exchange for a temporary feeling of worthiness—a vicious egoic cycle.

Activate Your XFactor: Is your work meaningful? Maybe you are a coffee barista, and you answered yes. You love serving good coffee. Perfect. A no means your work doesn’t involve doing what you love and is not in direct service to others.

If you don’t get why this matters, please go to the nearest food pantry or homeless shelter to volunteer for a shift. Giving freely of yourself is the most rewarding feeling in the world. It’s how you should feel every day.

Are you immersing yourself in doing what you love at least in your free time? Are you surrounding yourself with givers instead of takers?

#10 – Surrender total control of your life.

 Don’t. Freak. Out. ? “Gaining control” and “achieving big” (entering the realm of the miraculous that has always existed within you) occurs when you finally let go of separation consciousness and surrender total control of your life. It’s the easiest yet most difficult part of the process.

To change the story, you must let go of the story. This is not easily understood by the mind, if at all because it’s not a doing/thing. It’s all energy—the life-giving energy of love as a state of Being!

In separation consciousness, you “think” there is a “you” laboring, but it’s really your consciousness expanding to awaken fully to your limitlessness. You literally transcend your limited body to consciously co-create with the Universe as part of Universal Consciousness.

Yet, the proof will be in the shift in your life as you slowly let go of the wheel and let go of struggle. It’s a process or seems to be. Believe it or not, we are even terrified of letting go of the struggle. It’s familiar!

Activate Your XFactor: This is where you take a leap of faith and free fall. Most people don’t willingly surrender total control. You might not either, and that’s okay. Science’s evolution (or spirituality’s Grace) is busily at work propelling you forward with the awareness work in steps 1-9 as you transition from a state of doing to a state of being.

Example: You’d like to sell the jewelry you love creating, but how without going into debt? You pose the question. Weeks or months later, you meet someone who owns a local boutique willing to take your work on consignment. You didn’t do a thing but pose a question. You didn’t solicit ten stores in town only to be rejected; you didn’t spend a dime. Universal consciousness went to work bringing like-minded energy together. This is the difference between doing and being. Are you willing to be patient? To sit and mind the gap for miracles?

Your brilliant future here now is the transformation from separation to unity consciousness that is reshaping humanity’s future NOW. This guide was created to empower and support you on your journey toward maximizing your human potential merging your material/immaterial world not only for you and me, but for the planet, and the entirety of our Universe.


  • I am limitless when I consciously merge mind, body, and spirit.
  • I peacefully enjoy neutrality and unconditional love.
  • Worthy, I benevolently serve the good of all.
  • Bigger than my body, I consciously reside within my multidimensional Being.
  • I recognize the Universe is supporting me in every moment.
  • Thoughts, emotions and the physical body are my co-creative power tools.
  • I harmonize with the flow of life actively co-creating within the ebb and flow of life.
  • Sustainability is my universal guiding principle.
  • I honor my inner and outer freedom by giving others theirs.
  • In gratitude, I recognize life as a miraculous gift—I AM THE GIFT.


 Are you ready to regain control of your life and achieve big? YES! Reread the all ten ways to activate your XFactor consciously adding them to your daily routine one at a time.

RATE YOUR XFACTOR If you’re committed to making sure you’re a part of Humanity 2.0, download the Humanity 2.0: Activating Your XFactor free guide by clicking here.

Sources:  Universal Consciousness
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Christine Horner

November 22, 2017
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