5 False Nobilities (Modern Society Idolizes) Holding Humanity Back from Self-Actualization by Christine Horner


5 False Nobilities (Modern Society Idolizes) Holding Humanity Back from Self-Actualization

Given as a gift, unlimited abundance is your birthright and proof you are worthy. Humanity flourishes when the well-being of the individual is realized to be equally as important as the well-being of the collective.

~ wealth ~

Each one of us is born into unlimited wealth. Don’t believe it? Look all around you. Notice Nature is unceasingly productive and abundant. Humanity has been gifted a wondrous planet so bountiful, we could and should be living in paradise. So why aren’t we?

Wealth itself is neutral. Yet, ancient texts, saints and sages—even history offers a long-standing cautionary tale warning us of the dangers of excess easily characterized within modern society.  The majority of people worship wealth above all else. The creation of wealth is the American dream to the extent human value is equivalent to one’s net worth.

Mirroring natural law, wealth is dynamic energy in motion. The sustainability of Nature depends on a constant, abundant flow of energy for all systems to remain balanced and healthy. Wealth for wealth’s sake controls humanity instead of remaining within the natural order of flow when hoarded and used for power over others. Wealth taken out of circulation stagnates creating energy blockages that spread “sickness” within the individual and society.

Real wealth is not derived from attachment to materialism. Instead, we align with Nature and its ceaseless flow. Ownership gives way to access to. In harmony with Natural Law, abundance flows into your life effortlessly. In return, you do your part, recycling prosperity through sustainability practices such as service to others, creativity, and generosity.

~ poverty ~

A man born a prince who instead became the enlightened one, Siddharta Gauta lived about 2,600 years ago near the border of Nepal and India. Despite being sheltered from the world in a royal palace by his father, the King, Siddharta witnessed much human suffering and the impermanent nature of the world.

At age 29, Siddharta renounced his regal life, leaving his wife and child in secrecy to meditate in the forest as a wandering monk. Seeking a way to overcome human suffering, he adopted a life of austerity prescribed by holy men, starving and punishing his body for many years until near death. Still, enlightenment did not come.

Realizing human suffering isn’t resolved by piling on more human suffering, Siddharta saw renouncement was but just another attachment. He walked away from austerity to sit under the Bodhi tree to meditate in a state of neutrality—the middle path.

The Buddha came to enlightenment by releasing all transient personal attachments to reveal his multidimensional nature. Heaven on Earth is realized when we joyfully accept and share the gifts we are freely given without attachment or judgment.

~ sacrifice ~

Give something to get something. Sounds logical, right? Since before the dawn of the age of reason, sacrifices were and are still regularly made to appease our god(s). Usually sacrifice is an act of self-purification in exchange for access to greater external power, i.e., a ticket to Heaven, or on behalf of others whose purpose appears to be far grander than your own.

Armies, even nations have been built from the dogma of sacrificing the self to advance a “select” superior few. In the Western world, “hard work and sacrifice” are pounded into the collective psyche to convince individuals to become willing worker bees in pursuit of material happiness.

Survivalism born out of human competition is hard work and sacrifice. Voluntary surrender of limb, life, and liberty can only occur in tandem with the indoctrination of the false belief you are not worthy.

Given freely as a gift, unlimited abundance is your birthright and your proof you are worthy. Remaining in a state of gratitude in remembrance of the gift, sacrifice is never required. Humanity flourishes when the well-being of the individual is realized to be equally as important as the well-being of the collective.

~ busyness ~

Historically, idleness was and still is disdained. If you can’t materially quantify your value, then it must not be so, says our cultural story. You may recognize this in yourself as not allowing yourself to take time for contemplation, meditation, and silence—to do nothing and just BE.

Busyness is defined as supplanting personal freedom with endless activity to avoid the sheer terror of the empty void within and fear of lack without. Endless activity is a manifestation of not realizing self-worth, personal fulfillment, and even external material needs are creatively sourced from within.

Most of humankind hasn’t evolved to conscious awareness of the untapped power available to them within the metaphysical world. The magic contained within the void is your limitless resource of abundance. Zero point is Intuitive Intelligence, and your connection to the infinite.

Avoid unnecessary busyness by aligning with higher consciousness through stillness. Visualize your heart filling with golden light expanding to connect with your mind, also lit from within. With daily practice, purposeful stillness is preferred over the wastefulness of unnecessary busyness.

~ servitude ~

Notice the five false nobilities are all byproducts of separation consciousness deeply ingrained in almost every culture on Earth through rigorous conditioning. The belief we are separate from one another and Creation itself is the root of all human suffering—the opposite of self-realization.

Miraculously, we are now witnessing a spectacular dawn of a new age of unity consciousness—Humanity 2.0—where human interdependence and connectivity within a dynamic Universe is being realized, reopening the door to our natural inheritance.

Individualism in balance with collectivism, we gain true freedom from servitude (slavery) to wealth, poverty, sacrifice, busyness—and one another. Servitude for survival becomes service to others. Your new freedom allows you to re-engineer your life in service of joyful living for all humanity without struggle and strife.

Competition abandoned for cooperative living, only a few hours of service a day is required to consciously co-create a sustainable, peaceful society where basic shelter, food, water, healthcare, and education are easily accessible to all. Imagine the remainder of your day spent with loved ones cultivating higher consciousness and creativity!

Sources:  Universal Consciousness

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Christine Horner

January 12, 2018

#selfactualized #intuitiveintelligence

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